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Posted on Apr 16, 2012 in Bloggen, Underhållning | 0 comments

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Hall Of Fame 2012

It was about 12:30 a.m. when Chris Rock stepped up to the podium to induct the Red Hot Chili Peppers. ”A lot of people are upset that Axl didn’t come tonight,” he said. ”But let’s face it. Even if he was coming tonight, he wouldn’t be here by now. Where the fuck is Axl?”He went on to explain that he first saw the Red Hot Chili Peppers when he tried to see Grandmaster Flash in Philadelphia, but walked into the wrong club. ”My friends and I were like, ‘What the fuck is this shit? There’s a lot of white people in here,'” Rock said.

”They came out and I couldn’t understand a fucking word they said, and they had socks on their dicks!”

I had never been to a white show before, so I thought all white groups put socks on their dicks. Years later, they’re one of the biggest groups in the world and getting inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They have black ties on their dicks tonight.”

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